The SmartPulse of Retinal Care

Smart 532™ is the newest photocoagulator by Lumenis,
enhanced with the advanced SmartPulse™ technology.


    Continuous wave and SmartPulse™ sub-threshold technology


    Superior laser stability due to advanced laser cavity technology


    100% Lumenis Technology


    Exclusive and intuitive user interface


    Compact and lightweight


    Dual port designed to best fit the clinic


    25 programmable user pre-sets


    SureSpot™ optics technology ensures sharply defined power on the retina with safe and low density power on the cornea


    Voice confirmation mode enables the physician to keep eyes on the patient while changing settings during treatment

SmartPulse™ Mode

What is SmartPulse™ Technology?

SmartPulse™ is a tissue-spearing solution for the treatment of retinal diseases, that allows sub-threshold retinal treatment.

Lumenis SmartPulse™ is integrated in the Smart 532™ system, to offer maximal efficacy with minimal collateral damage.

Celebrating 50 years of innovation with the launch of the new retinal care photocoagulator

1970: Lumenis (previously Coherent) introduced the first argon laser photocoagulator in ophthalmology.

2016: Lumenis proudly launches the new retinal care portfolio, starring Smart 532™, the new green photocoagulator with SmartPulse™.

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